The No Named Face…

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The no named face...

In business there are a great many people in any one chosen field, all advertising the same product, offering the same service, and all trying to sell you something.

Having both a fantastic business concept, and a ready and waiting market, is all well and good, but if no one knows you exist, and you can’t be easily recognised, how will people know who you are? How will they employ your services?

So how do we start to gain exposure?

ma,pa,sister-and-meEvery business needs an identity, a face, a badge, something that others can recognise easily. Whether it is a symbol, a word or a visual mark, we need something that enables us to be identified clearly.

Every business needs a face, a visual presence, and this is normally achieved by a logo.

Logo design is everywhere we look, and we are exposed to it as soon as we open our eyes.

According to the book, ‘Brain Longevity’, by Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D, the average American, is exposed to as many as 16,000 visual elements stemming from, advertising, logos and labels, in only one day.

Hard to believe isn’t it?

If we stop and think of how much we absorb visually throughout our day, it can be an overwhelming prospect.

Try it out and see how many logos you are exposed to in an hour or even just looking around the space you are in.

Logo design is the fundamental element on which all branding is built. It is the point of recognition for a company. A point that relays an immediate message, a tone of voice, a symbol of promise to its audience, and most importantly, it gives us a point of identification.

Think of a logo as a person. In order to identify a person, we need memorable visual characteristics and a name. If we had no name, nor a visual presence, we could not be clearly identified or recalled. We have features that set us apart from others, ensuring our visual individuality.

Now, think of a business as an individual. The same principles apply.

When designing a logo, it is important we follow certain guidelines throughout its construction. Whilst you can change things to shake up the design a little, it is important to have an understanding of how to build it.


Five quick tips for logo design

getting-the-message-acrossSize does matter!

It is important that a logo can work in any size, from a size that will be used on a business card, to the size that could work on a billboard. There is no point designing something that looks fantastic at a large size and when you reduce it’s size, it loses clarity.

Black is the colour…

It is important when designing a logo to start your designs in black and white.

A logo must work in black and white, as there may be times when a monochromatic version will be used, and it still needs to prove effective.

Pure and simple

Don’t over complicate things. A simplistic design with only a couple of elements could be the best way forward. There is a tendency to have things all singing and dancing, trying to say everything in one go, but it is important to resist this temptation. If you look at some of the most iconic brands in our world, more often than not, their logos are simple.

What’s your type?

Typography is something that is present in most logos, especially in their early stages of exposure. There is again, a deep, erratic desire, to go all out and use some of the worst typefaces known to man (and designers). Whilst these typefaces have a time and place, a logo generally isn’t one of them. Restrict the number of typefaces you use, (one or two is generally the norm), as too many variations will make things look confusing. Also, think what the type says to you.

Here, there, and everywhere

Finally, it is important that a logo can be reproduced easily. It must work or have sufficient capability to be reproduced in such a way, that it is has the ability to be used on any surface. Companies tend to use logos not only on printed material and screen, but they may require vehicle graphics, uniforms, or branded merchandise at some point.


On a final note, once you have your new and beautiful logo, remember one thing, ‘One swallow, doesn’t make a summer’ – A logo, does not make a brand.

It is the foundations on which a brand is built, and building a strong brand is so much more than flashing a business card around with a pretty picture on it.


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