Only shooting stars…

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Only shooting stars...

There are periods throughout history where non-conformism has been present, leading the way for some of the most groundbreaking things known to man. Yet in some instances, these free thinkers and radical movements have been quickly eradicated, to sustain the equilibrium.

The fear of something different or unknown has always induced panic in the minds of society.

However, without the power to adapt, to embrace change, without the desire to stand up and be counted, and, without the courage to travel the roads that others fear to tread, how do we evolve as a race and grow as individuals?

Throughout our lives, we encounter infinite experiences; sights, smells, sounds, and while most disappear effortlessly into a great void, others remain and are committed to memory.

During our many encounters, we absorb vast amounts of information, so how do we remember specific things when everything is lost to us with each passing second?

We stand out from the crowd and be individual.


Many years ago, a man called Steve Jobs dared to achieve something different, with his creation of a new kind of computer that not only businesses could use, but something that would be common place in every household across the world. Many thought he was a liability in his strive for perfection, for dominance, for greatness. However, without his passion and determination, not to mention leading the way for some of the most revolutionary and stunning products this world has ever seen, he would never have become, both a business and design icon.

In the 1980s, the Italian clothing giant, Benetton, gained brand recognition by producing various controversial campaigns, employing thought provoking and shocking imagery by Olivero Toscani, who when questioned said the traditional so called ‘life style advertising’, was dull and unimaginative, and it employed an ideal of a world that simply didn’t exist.

walkmanIn 1946, Akio Morita and Masaru Ibuka, founded a company that repaired radios. By the 1950s, this company was producing its own products. They were aware that times were changing and innovation was the way forward. Even though many around them were reluctant to embrace their products, they decided to carry on regardless. This company was responsible for the first effective transistor radio, and the first all-transistor TV, and their reputation and brand, grew throughout the world.

In 1979, Akio Morito launched a new product of his own design. According to market research, this was to be the biggest flop and would certainly die a quick and painful death.

Morito did not listen to this research, and his product went on to be one of the most popular consumer electronics product the world has ever seen.

This product was the Walkman and the company, Sony.

There are innovators out there who lead the way for the rest of us to follow, and if you are happy to hop on board and blaze someone else’s trails then carry on, but imagine being the one who has lead the way for others to follow?


Now think about design, identity design and branding in particular.

Effective, groundbreaking design employs the same principles of innovation. Something different the world has never seen, something groundbreaking, something over and above what everyone else has already done.

stars-1In business, companies go to extreme lengths to get their message out there, to be seen to be doing things bigger and better than their competitors. They spend obscene amounts on their marketing, their products and building a beautiful brand, in the hopes we are invited in.

It is vital that one business is set apart from the next, but in a world saturated with design, ideas, visuals, imagery, it is so hard to gain any prominence when everyone is fighting for your attention.

Some businesses are frightened to produce something different, to do something totally off the wall, as they risk ridicule and professional humiliation. Then, there are the ones who are in business for real people, adapting to the ever-changing world, and steer their business with the thoughts of the real person in mind.

There are still, and will always be, a set of projected ideals which we are pre-programmed to follow, a set of ideals that makes us feel, if we don’t comply, that we no longer belong.

However, as times change, more and more of us are pushing boundaries, choosing our own ideals, being bolder and braver, finding ways to express who we are. Once upon a time, being different wasn’t something that was accepted easily, yet in today’s world people pride themselves on being exactly that.

So what happens if one day, someone ignored the ideals, the tried and tested methods and put a spin on things, to achieve something others have only ever dreamt of.

The key is, to set your self apart from others in your field, employ fresh ideas, push strong concepts, have faith and introduce innovative ideals.

All such things can lead the way forward. Being true to who you are, being individual and having a strong identity is where it all begins.


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