Setting up a business is a laborious yet exciting venture and it can be financially committing and draining.

kdmdesign understand this is normally the case when following the path of self employment. We were once a new business and found ourselves in the same position as thousands of entrepreneurs are currently.

Taking this into consideration, we decided to offer specialist packages to our new startup clients in order to alleviate a little of the financial pressures a new business can bring.

Working alongside new ventures gave us the realisation that even though some people wanted the best for their business visually, they were tied by financial commitments. So we decided to introduce the “3 – 6 – 12″ proposal.

This proposal offers the aspiring entrepreneur a chance to employ our design services and spread the cost over periods of either 3, 6 or 12 months, depending on the services chosen.

This gives our clients a chance to obtain a polished visual identity immediately and pay over a set period of time, so as to not financially drain the business in its early stages.
A lot of businesses require extra cash flow in the first year of setting up and this has proven to be a very popular option amongst our new startups.
In addition to this, we also offer an initial reduced rate for design for the new start up business, to accommodate them further financially.

If you have been in business for 3 months or less you can take full advantage of this service, as well as our starter packages and reduced rates.
We also have close links with free business support and counselling services to aid you further.

kdmdesign provide you with the best advice and support we possibly can, offering a free initial consultation to discuss your design needs. By employing our professional opinion and expertise, we can help you build a unique creative package.
Assisting you every step of the way, we enable you to make the most informed decisions you can when building your visual identity and brand.

If you are an established business of over 3 months, we can still offer a range great of financial packages to our existing and new clients.

To find out more about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss things further or to arrange a free consultation.