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Welcome to the new blog from kdmdesign.

Over the last few years we have worked with some fantastic clients, each bringing with them their own challenging briefs.

Many often ask us about design, why we got into it, why we love it so much, what makes a good design and how we do the same thing day after day, and still love it.  To us, everyday is a new challenge, a new idea, a new world to help build, so it never seems as though we are repeating ourselves. Every day we change the way we work, inviting new practices into our world, constantly changing how we do things to suit the individual brief.

Working closely with each of our clients has given us the chance to invite them into our world a little, and help them understand how we see design, and how design speaks to us.

So, as part of our 3rd Anniversary re-brand celebrations, we wanted to engage more people with the world of design. Each week we will discuss something design related and invite you to share your ideas, your thoughts, and draw you in to the world in which we live.


Where it all began…

2 ink-bunny-broken-flower

Ink bunny & broken flower

As a child, I would spend many hours, hand drawing letters, practising their curves, ensuring they were as smooth and as perfect as could be. I became fascinated how the paper inhaled every drop of ink, drinking it in to form a creation that evolved before my eyes.

My pride and joy was a quill, a bottle of ink and my pad of cream cartridge paper.

In school, there were always red marks in my workbooks, from the teachers, as wherever I found space on a page, letters were drawn, doodles were doodled, as I escaped from the lessons in hand.

(Not that I condone trying to mentally escape your education, but needless to say my mind wandered somewhat, and generally exploded in blooms of colour and creativity as it did).


Welcome to the normal world…

I used to dream, as I stared out of the window of a great many classrooms, what if, one day, I could draw pictures for a living, and what if, I could play all day with letters, drawing them, understanding them, flipping them on their head and making something new from them. What if one day, I could do all this and more, and maybe, what if, I could run my own business and rule the world! If only…

Many laughed at me when I shared my hopes, and told me not to dream, as dreaming would only lead to a fall and disappointment. I should settle for a normal job.

This didn’t sit well with me, NORMAL, you should be NORMAL, get a NORMAL job and have a NORMAL life, but what was NORMAL! I never did normal and never will, (whatever that is), and I felt it was important to dream, why shouldn’t I dream? Life without hope, without aspiration and more importantly, without a dream to cling to, something to achieve, well, what’s was the point in that. However, being told to settle for something less than what I wanted to achieve, has never been, and will never be an option for me.

Push yourself to do better everyday, never settle for anything less than what you want and never let those around you, cage your spirit.

Whenever you can, and as often as you can, always, always, dare to dream.


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  1. Julie Twist says:

    March 25th, 2014 at 11:29 am

    Loving your first blog! It highlights two areas close to my own heart.
    Firstly as you say what is normal? Normal to one person may not be normal to another; we are all unique.
    Secondly following your dreams can be empowering, exciting and rewarding. All too often unhappiness stems from doing what others want you to do rather than doing what you want to do. Have you ever been unhappy doing something you want to do?
    I believe embracing our uniqueness and living our dreams is the key to our own well-being and happiness.
    You go girl! :-)

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