Let Me Seduce You…

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Let Me Seduce You

Branding – Part one

About brands

At times, there is much confusion as to what a brand consists of, and it is important to understand that having a logo, isn’t the same thing as having a brand, as there is so much more to it.

There are many elements that must be integrated into your business practices in order to help you build a brand which, others will both recognise and associate themselves with over time.

So, how do we build an internationally renowned brand, with millions of trusty followers, investing in us day after day?

I believe it depends on our target market, the services or products on offer, and developing an individual edge, which may help us most, (not forgetting, knowledge, awareness and plenty of hard work).

Whilst there may not be one magic, quick fix solution to the ‘how do I become the best brand in the world’ question, there are various things we can think about when building our brands.

Rather than telling you it’s about tone of voice, perception, brand promise, visual identity and using lots of designer spiel, I will explain how I perceive brands and how they speak to me.

So, let’s look at this from a completely different angle…


following-the-leaderThink of a brand in the same way you would when looking for a partner – a new relationship if you will. You will undoubtedly have things you desire from them/ the relationship; love, respect, happiness, trust, etc. and each of us desire very different things from different people.

So, we are out and about, nowhere in particular really, then, bang, someone catches our eye. A sudden realisation strikes us, that first moment when we are aware of something.

There may be an attraction, and as many things in life don’t even warrant a second look, more often than not, when they do, our curiosity is sparked.

To satisfy our intrigue, we desire to learn more about this person to find out if they are a satisfactory suitor. Once we have gained more information, we make up our minds whether or not to pursue this relationship, taking into consideration how it will match and exceed our expectations, and, keep doing so.

Now flip this idea and think along the lines of a successful company brand.


They must first make you aware of them as a company, or, make you aware of what’s on offer and get your attention.

Next, they must attract you and draw you closer to them/their product, and keep your attention. Then they feed you information, both consciously and subconsciously. Their aesthetics speak to your mind, their words reel you in and they keep you dangling on that hook, so to speak.  They know exactly how to talk to you, inviting you in further, offering you the things you desire and sometimes, offering you things you didn’t think you desired, but now do, and ultimately, they seduce you.

Now they have you, and all they need to do is keep giving you things you desire so you don’t stray. However, once again, this isn’t as easy as it sounds, and we will look into this further next week.


When all is said and done, design and branding seduces us both visually and subconsciously without us even knowing it. It fills our heads with a desire to stop at nothing until we have fulfilled our craving and have exactly what we want.


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