Just what you need?

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Just What You Need?

Branding – Part Two

In our last blog post, we discussed branding – how brands attract us, intrigue us and eventually seduce us as consumers.

Branding is about what we believe, or rather, what we are programmed to believe. Projected ideals of how things can, and will, make us look, feel, belong, etc.

Whatever you desire, brands know how to pitch products or services in a manner that will capture you, making you believe whatever you need to in order to decide that a companies’ product or service, is the best for the job.

Branding can make us believe that whatever is on offer can satisfy our every need, no matter what that need is, even if there wasn’t a need to begin with.

As I have said previously, there is no simple answer to what makes a perfect brand, or even, how to have the best brand the world has ever seen, as no two brands are the same. What I can tell you is that brands, or rather the people behind brands, understand their market and their competitors.

You must consider what you are selling and to whom. Who is doing the same thing as you, or similar, and how they are doing it. How you will make things bigger and better than ever before, and, how you can invite people in, and keep them coming back for more, time after time.

Brands are ingenious things and the people behind them are clued into promoting exactly the right thing, at the right time, to the right people.

colour-feelingBranding uses tools such as colour and visuals to build recognition and provoke your senses, as colouring is a huge part of a brand. Different elements such as colour and typography, say things to different peoples subconscious. They speak to us in a certain way without us even knowing it.

Another way brands speak to us is by using appropriate language and wording. They promise you things and promote a certain tone of voice, or a perception of who they are and what they stand for. Such factors strike an affinity with us and so we start to build a trust with a brand, and so starts our relationship.

As I have mentioned previously, we require very different attributes from our partners in a relationship and the same can be said for brands.

Sometimes, we desire reliability, quality, even a status symbol – so many different things really – and there are brands out there to suit our every requirement.

There are innovative brands, people brands, status brands, (the list goes on) but rest assured, there are brands to suit our every mood and more often than not, our every desire.

This is the most important advice I can mention when building a brand, as sometimes, it’s not what you do, it’s how you do it, and how you keep doing it that matters.

On a final note, successful brands never rest on their laurels, and they always have a back-up or future plan. A plan to increase product/company longevity, to invite new ideas and new people to the mix. They understand that having a successful brand is more than a logo and an empty promise. They understand that there is always a relationship between company, product and consumer, therefore in order to keep a happy relationship, and to retain that successful brand, they must achieve over and above what is expected and has come to pass before them. They must set trends to keep their consumers interested, as even the best relationships can get boring and fizzle-out sometimes.


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