Identity Design

Identity is where it all begins. As individuals, our identity is so important to us. Who we are, how we dress, our personalities, and, how we are perceived by others. Business is no exception.

Getting the right look for your business is crucial, and in a world saturated with design, we believe it is vital to have a bespoke look and brand for your business.

Everything we do at kdmdesign is designed specifically with you in mind. It’s built around you, it’s built for you, and the identity you choose, is something that will be as unique as you are.

Solo Secretarial
Quayside Logistics
Luke Finley Editorial
Profectus 4 People
Aatiqah Boutique Spa
Spice Emporium
Shaw & Co Solicitors
Growing Matters
Cort Copy
Boundary Disputes
Ashbourne Online
Drop Zone Elite Fitness
Northern Vintage
Julie Twist Counselling