Copyright Policy

All materials produced by kdmdesign in their entirety, are and will remain copyrighted property of kdmdesign unless otherwise specified, or, unless all rights are assigned to another party.
You must not modify, copy, reproduce, upload, post, transmit, or distribute in any manner, the material produced by kdmdesign, including content copy or wording, graphics, code or products, for any reason other than the original and agreed purposes at the time of the appointment of services by kdmdesign.

Should you require the usage of any of the featured content of products or designs, for anything other than the original intention, we insist you contact us to gain the relevant permission. In certain circumstances we may grant usage. It is to be understood that you must accredit kdmdesign for any materials, downloaded information, products and/or designed content that you wish to use, and, you must include copyright, date sourced and source. It is stressed, you must have prior consent from all parties concerned in designs you wish to use for anything other than the initial intended and agreed purpose.

With consent, it will be outlined as to how you can use the relevant content/materials and it must be pre-agreed and checked in cases where you intend to print. Any material must not under any circumstances be used for commercial or financial gain, unless otherwise agreed or you have a relevant copyright license.
By agreeing to use the materials from this site and from kdmdesign, you agree not to change or delete any copyright or ownership detail from the content, use the material for illegal purposes, or use the content in any way which may offend or bring the kdmdesign name, business or reputation into disrepute.

Copyright License Agreement and Copyright Assignment Agreement

It is to be understood that by employing the services of kdmdesign for printed materials and/or the production of websites, products and other related creative services, in exchange for payment, that this payment is for a Copyright License Agreement ONLY and not in exchange for a Copyright Assignment Agreement.

Copyright License Agreement allows the owner of the copyrighted material, in this case, kdmdesign shall retain ownership whilst allowing another party, in this case, the client, to use that material subject to certain terms and conditions, usually in return for a royalty or license fee, in this case, payment of services.

Copyright Assignment Agreement allows the author, in this case, kdmdesign and at their discretion, the right to transfer the ownership of copyrighted material another party in its entirety.
Under Section 90(3) of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, if copyright is assigned, the assignment must be done in writing and must be signed by, or on behalf of the assignor.

Should you wish to purchase full copyright of materials or products produced on your behalf by kdmdesign, then a Copyright Assignment Agreement will be drafted by kdmdesign on the instruction of the party wishing to seek full rights to materials or products and a fee will be agreed for the transfer of ownership.
Within the transfer of ownership, the Copyright Assignment Agreement, it will state kdmdesign will relinquish any further right, claim to ownership or usage of the material in question, removing all of the kdmdesign branding where applicable. Should kdmdesign require further usage, then they must seek the permission of the other party and usage rights will be at the discretion of the other party.

To summarise, by agreeing to employ the creative services of kdmdesign, it is to be understood kdmdesign retains ownership and full copyright on everything produced and will up until such time where a Copyright Assignment Agreement is entered into and on the full agreement and consent of all parties concerned.