Confidentiality Policy

At kdmdesign, we operate a strict confidentiality policy whereas to protect all parties and/or intellectual properties of kdmdesign, its clients and where ever possible, its affiliates.

We offer this agreement to all of our clients as to protect their business concepts and personal information as to ensure if any other disassociated party creates or declares ownership of similar concepts/services, company names or intentions which results in personal, professional or financial gain, and a loss to the client, kdmdesign consultants cannot be held responsible as they are bound by the terms and conditions outlined below.

Should any kdmdesign consultant breach this contract then the individual responsible will be subject to the consequences outlined by the client, accept full responsibility and will be removed from their position with kdmdesign immediately, as we do not or intended to associate with any untrustworthy source which may compromise the kdmdesign image or reputation or that of our client.

This agreement enables all parties concerned to agree and to provide each other with relevant information in order to successfully carry out and progress with services required by the client. This information is to be considered highly confidential in nature and under no circumstances may either party communicate, disclose or make available all or any part of the confidential information to any other party, other than those directly involved with the processes and/or services and pre-agreed/outlined at the time of consultation, unless specifically directed to do so.

Any financial implications and payment details and/or processes related to settling any account for services, are held in the strictest of confidence by kdmdesign alone and are not disclosed to any of its affiliates, external sources or any other party other than to financial institutions and its staff members, at time of payment into the kdmdesign business account.

The services provided and intended by kdmdesign consultants and/or its affiliates/external sources, must be clearly outlined to the client prior to entering into any agreement for production of required materials or services.

All actions, agreements and progression will be documented at every stage.

This confidential information disclosed by the client or by kdmdesign consultants, will be held securely and stored in a client file in a safe location by kdmdesign, as to not compromise the intellectual property of either party. Copies can be supplied upon request.

It is understood that kdmdesign consultants may not directly or indirectly use any part, permit others to use any part, and/or use any elements for its own purpose and/or financial gain, of the confidential information or design visuals other than for the purpose originally intended.

kdmdesign consultants will provide various design solutions to the client, all of which remain confidential, and will be treated as such until the final design/services has been agreed upon and publicised by the client.

All personal information relating to the client will always be kept confidential by kdmdesign consultants and will never be disclosed to another party unless instructed to do so.

Final visual outcomes will remain property of kdmdesign and remain confidential by kdmdesign consultants, who will not under any circumstance disclose or release any product to any other party without prior permission and a pre-determined deadline, set by the client.

Design visuals not selected by the client for final use may be used further by kdmdesign consultants in unassociated projects to their initial intended purpose. Once the client has displayed interest and chosen final visuals/concepts and outlined the intended progression with the provided services, all other design visuals will remain property of kdmdesign.

Should the client require any further ideas to use at their disposal, they must consider them as separate design services and will be subject to purchase should they require kdmdesign not to use them further.

Payment for services, include only one final outcome for each service provided unless prior arrangements have been agreed upon and each contract of employment for the services of kdmdesign will state exactly what services and products are being offered in return for the agreed payment. For example: One logo, or leaflet, etc…

Please note: any written aspects of designs presented to the client and displaying; company names or elements associated visually to a specific client will not be used by kdmdesign consultants for further projects.

kdmdesign consultants and other parties involved in the compilation of any client information/work and/or intellectual property, must seek permission of client and other parties involved, prior to using or intending to use any confidential materials, information or subject matter for any other purpose other than originally agreed and must gain prior written consent of the other party to do so.

kdmdesign consultants must not make any announcement or disclose any subject matter in connection with the confidential information or the purpose to which they are appointed.

All kdmdesign consultants constantly source reputable and responsible establishments for printing and other related external services to carry out client work, and those already sourced by us have always shown loyalty and professionalism for kdmdesign and its clients.

Please note: external sources can only be recommended on past experience and services provided and any external source should not be perceived as being employed by kdmdesign. Only recommendations can be offered, and kdmdesign consultants work alongside the chosen external source, selected by the client. It is to be understood they are working under instruction of kdmdesign consultants and by extension, working for the client and we will recommend reputable services upon request.

Should any external services, show any of our clients any disloyalty and/or communicate, directly or indirectly, confidential information to any other party other than those directly involved to the requirements of client and design process/services, to an end which compromises the client, any confidential information, subject matter, services and intentions, resulting in a financial loss to the client, they will forfeit any further business from kdmdesign and this may result in forfeit of payment.

Should the disclosure of any confidential information come to light by an external source, subject to the terms above, any intended payment by kdmdesign will be withheld on the instruction of the client, if monies for services have already been received by kdmdesign. However, if this situation arises, kdmdesign consultants will not be held responsible and the client must contact the external source personally and explain why they have forfeited payment. This will not be a responsibility of kdmdesign.

It is to be understood, selected external sources and affiliates of kdmdesign are not directly employed by kdmdesign and as such we cannot bind them to our confidentiality policy, as this covers kdmdesign and its consultants only.

Each client will be asked if they are satisfied with the services offered both by kdmdesign consultants and any external sources and can either directly or indirectly approach the external source to arrange a confidentiality agreement between client and external source, if necessary, as not to involve kdmdesign consultants directly resulting in the client accepting responsibility for any outcome.

Should the client require a confidentiality agreement between themselves and an external source, to protect any confidential information, kdmdesign can act on behalf of the client to arrange it upon client instruction. However, as outlined above, and even if recommended by kdmdesign consultants, we will not be held responsible for any outcome that may breach our terms of confidentiality.

kdmdesign will only forfeit payment for services at the discretion of the client should a kdmdesign consultant breach this agreement.

Should any individual member of kdmdesign use and/or communicate, directly or indirectly, confidential information to any other party other than those directly involved to the requirements and service of the client and design process/services, to an end which compromises the client, any confidential, subject matter, services and intentions, resulting in a financial loss to the client, then the individual in question will be subject to breach of this contract, not kdmdesign as a whole.



Please note: Where mentioned, kdmdesign and kdmdesign consultants are company Directors and Staff directly employed by kdmdesign, any mention of affiliates, external sources and any other parties are not employed by kdmdesign and will not be answerable to or bound by the Confidentiality Policy of kdmdesign.